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Inspired for a better Mymanu Clik

Inspired for a better Mymanu Clik

Hello Manu’s,

What another exciting month! We went to Web Summit in Lisbon to showcase Mymanu Clik and attend some great aspiration talks.

Thanks to the 9-week Marriott Testbed programme, Mymanu Clik has now been experienced by hundreds of people. Your Mymanu Clik is now even powerful than before and we can’t wait for your to experience it.

Did you see its elegant and smart case? To differentiate ourselves from other boring, square, blocky earbud cases, we put a lot of effort in designing a stylish case you can be proud ofand that is also multi-purpose. Mymanu Clik case can charge your smartphone too 🙂 No more power bank 🙂

Shipping update:

In the next coming weeks, we will be preparing another batch to go out before fully ramping up in January. Only 80% of backers
have completed their survey so far. Please do it now to avoid any logistics problems. If you experience issues in updating your
address, please email us at [email protected] so we don’t send Clik to the wrong address.

We are also setting up a new support system to enable us to respond to your messages in a more timely manner.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Don’t forget to share and get almost 35% discount on your next purchase of Mymanu Clik

We would like to thank all of you for your patience whilst we ship in smaller quantities and for your on-going support.

Many thanks and keep celebrating.


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