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We know that running a modern enterprise means you need to do business in multiple languages. You need groundbreaking, reliable and scalable translation solutions that are cost-effective, customised and tailored to your exact needs.

You need something that can grow with you, adds value to your brand and helps you to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Mymanu® hardware and software is the enterprise solution to your communication needs.

This solution enables you to call, text, read notification and speak in 37+ languages at the “CLIK” of a button. Powered by Mymanu Translate, our own proprietary translation system, this solution will improve your communication with internal staff and international customers, increase revenues and reduce your costs

Developed with the World’s hospitality leaders, this solution has been tested in bars, restaurants, receptions, business meetings and events improving their efficiency. More than 90% of end users agree it has considerably improved their experience. Whatever your requirements are, let’s discuss.

This solution connects via Bluetooth, 4G, 5G and Wifi so you can communicate wherever your customers or colleagues are in the world.

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Organising or hosting a conference? The bespoke, branded Clik S hardware and software solution is the only communication tool you need.

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Whether you need a new

translation solotuion or

want to add value to your clients

Designed to break down language barriers and bring you and your customers together. Clik S is a fully bespoke business translation solution, developed to help you communicate seamlessly with colleagues, suppliers and clients, whatever your business size or industry.

We’ve designed technologies with businesses just like yours in mind, empowering you to create new experiences and embrace new cultures, on demand and in any environment.

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Mymanu® and Marriott TestBED

Mymanu® and Golden Tulip Olymp, Munich

Mymanu® and Golden Tulip Olymp, Shanghai

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