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Mymanu- April update-connectivity

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Hello Manu’s,

Hope you are all well. Another month has gone and more progress has been made on Clik Mymanu Play – Beta Testing almost finished We finally received the long-awaited approval from Apple, we kicked off beta testing of Mymanu Play. This will be the core music App of Clik that will enable you to select any of your songs from one platform and adjust sound effect. Our devoted winning backers have tested it tirelessly to identify any bugs. This week is the last stretch before we start making changes to make sure all features work perfectly. Thanks to:

“Can you hear it?

It must be the antenna again…” Remember when the first mobile phones were invented with the external antenna?

In the past weeks, our engineers have been working around the clock to fine tune the connection between the left and right ear. The purpose was to test and finalise all engineering components to ensure that the product performs to the exact specifications of the final product.

When it comes to connection between wireless earbuds and phones, it is quite easy. Many firms have been doing this for years. However, the real challenge is when we add another connection to the earphones – like connection between the left and right earbuds to add more features – and maintain a strong connection to your device. Imagine you listen to a track on your wireless earbuds and you can only hear it from one side. How annoying would that be!

Most current Bluetooth earbuds on the market fail at delivering a constant connection without losing any sound quality. Poor connection and drop in between the two ears due to the way the Bluetooth antenna works. We therefore decided to invent our own antenna. Our testing has shown a performance much higher than any other wireless earbuds on the market and we are pleased


If packaging is crucial to attract customers in shops, it is also essential to ensure Mymanu CLIK® is listed with retailers. It’s not a rocket science. Our team have been working on it, the user guide, labels, and many other things and should be ready this month. We are making sure it reflects the values of Mymanu.

Translation beta test:

We would like to invite more backers to join the beta testing of Mymanu Translate. Click on the image below to enter.


Thank you for believing in us, and above all thank you for supporting us in our journey to create the best wireless earphones with live translation in the world.