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Mymanu CLIK +– A Great Driving Companion

Mymanu doesn’t just offer typical wireless audio solutions — it also aims to transform the way we communicate.

Aside from functioning as a regular pair of earbuds, the Mymanu CLIK also offers live translation for 37 languages, both locally and over a long distance range. To begin the Mymanu experience, a user needs to invite a recipient to a live chat via a pass code. Once the recipient accepts, he or she can then select the preferred language for communication. Both parties can then communicate with each other, as the earbuds and the connected Mymanu Translate smartphone app work together to feed them real-time translations of what the other is saying.

In addition to this pioneering feature, Mymanu also allows for seamless syncing with smartphones so that users can take phone calls and hear message alerts through the earbuds. Note that Mymanu doesn’t sacrifice sound quality just for its unique translation feature. Engadget’s report on the Mymanu CLIK highlights the sound quality delivered by the earbuds. The punchy bass notes and clear mid- and high frequencies make for an excellent listening experience. No wonder a handful of celebrities are already endorsing Mymanu, including Oscar-nominated stars like Hugh Jackman and Coco star Anthony Gonzalez. Both of these celebrities have musical backgrounds, so it goes without saying that they know a thing or two about sound quality.

Because of its smooth translation and quality audio features, Mymanu is the perfect travel companion. Mymanu founder Danny Manu was interviewed by IT Pro Portal about business travel and said, “When language is no longer an issue, business travel suddenly becomes far more productive, decisions can be made much faster and, importantly, there are fewer misunderstandings.” These sentiments can refer to vacations as well as the technology can help travelers with recommendations about local amenities that can make their stay much better.

In addition to private travel and business travel, there is an opportunity for Mymanu to penetrate the fleet industry, too. US commercial drivers spend almost every day on the road, and are bound by law to operate within a limit of 11 hours. Therefore, efficiency is an important factor in fleet operations. To maximize safety while driving but still communicate with their managers in the office, drivers can use Mymanu’s syncing capabilities. There would be no need for them to reach for their phones and risk getting into an accident or break the law.

Moreover, the product could work in conjunction with the vehicle’s electronic logging device (ELD). Verizon Connect explains that commercial vehicles are required to have ELDs because the federal government believes that incorporating ELDs will reduce the risks of road accidents caused by fleet vehicles. ELDs provide accurate Hours of Service (HoS) as well as real-time reports on fuel usage and vehicle status. Perhaps a combination of Mymanu and ELD functions can make tasks easier for drivers. For instance, some ELDs offer navigation features or real-time alerts about the current health of the engine. Having the device synced with the Mymanu system can provide further clarity for drivers. The hands-free connection can empower them to be better in-tune with their vehicles and keep them constantly updated on their trip status.

If you’re interested, Mymanu CLIK is available for purchase on our website. We still have a few earbuds in stock, but please be aware that our final batch is about to be sold out. Be sure to check out our Mymanu portable speakers as well.

exclusively written for by Jane Boe