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Mymanu clik – August Update

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Hi Manu’s

Mymanu’s product engineers just come back from China. Fortunately, this trip was a lot smoother than the last one.

Shipping date:

Mymanu® Clik is now finalised.  As we promised you it is the World’s first truly wireless earbuds with live translation

Truly wireless

Our proprietary system enables the left and right earpiece to connect with each other without any wire. Mymanu Clik is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. That’s what we call truly wireless.

Live speech translation worldwide.

Mymanu Clik® uses its own, unique translation system and app, Mymanu Translate (see below), which will enable you to chat in 37 languages to anyone whether they are in front of you or 10,000 Kms away! And the cool thing is if the person on street you are asking directions to has not got Mymanu Clik, no worries. Our system will still translate ?

Mymanu Clik is the only truly wireless earbus with a premium driver so the best audio sound and it’s own dedicated player.

23rdOctober 2017

We are proud to inform you that shipment of Mymanu® Clik will start on 23rd October 2017. We will first start shipping in small batches for few weeks and then speed it up. Your honest feedback will be invaluable. At Mymanu, we always thrive to produce high quality consumer electronics.

DOWNLOAD Mymanu Translate and start using it now.



See you soon,

Team Mymanu® x