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Is unlike any other wireless earbuds
you may have tried!

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Designed to fuel collaboration and communication, the pioneering real time translation gives you awesome language capabilities on demand.

Don’t settle for the everyday

Mymanu CLIK S is designed to revolutionise how you communicate. Thanks to a smart AI intelligence system you can interact with anyone, in their own language both locally and over a long distance. 

When we say pioneering we really mean it -the groundbreaking translation function can translate 37 languages in real-time so you’ll never be lost for words or out of the loop, whether you’re travelling or negotiating solo or as part of a team.

Your favourite workout tunes. No distractions

Whether you’re working up a sweat in the gym, exploring off the beaten path or closing a deal in the boardroom,CLIK S sets the standard for music and communication.

Unleash your sound

Turn up the volume on crystal clear sound, high-tech performance and complete versatility. Truly wireless earbuds designed to elevate your everyday experiences.

High sound quality is in our DNA
with 3 different sizes of silicone and memory foam ear tips to provide the highest comfort for hours.


with no strings

Mymanu CLIK S has proven excellence in engineering, aesthetics and design, uniqueness
Mymanu CLIK S

Versatility is paramount


Smart, stylish, and packing a tonne of features into a sophisticated slimline design, CLIK S sets the standard for music and communication.

Wireless charging anywhere

Lay your CLIK S and QI enabled device effortlessly on our premium Qi-certified wireless charger.
mymanu CLIK S

Translate with CLIK S

Tap and hold to speak and Hear translation in your ears

Solo mode can be used for both CLIK S and non CLIK S owners.USING WITH CLIK S:

  • Connect your earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Open MyJuno App and select solo mode.
  • Select your language first and the second language will be for the party you want to talk to.
  • Tap and hold the left earbuds and speak after you hear the beep, once you’ve finished your sentence release your finger for the App to translate.
  • The other party will hear the translation through your speakerphone as well as being able to read what you said on your screen. They can also speak to you by pressing and holding their flag on your smartphone and speaking into your phone mic.
How Translation works Collapse

Distance is a matter of perception

Connect with your friends from all across the globe with MyJuno’s group translation feature. Send and receive fully translated texts and voice messages from one language, to another.
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translation earbuds
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Endless possibilities with CLIK S

Engineered to easily connect via Bluetooth to any sports, music, video streaming Apps and Mymanu Translate so you can create wonderful memories on holiday and share them with friends (calls, texts) at the clik of a button. Feeling like wearing 1 earbud? No problems – you can access all your favourite functionalities from the left and the right earbud.

#1 Live translation and
social messaging Solution



MyJuno enables users to message or speak to each other in their native languages, using its proprietary system to automatically translate text or speech from the sender’s language, straight into the recipient’s language, lessening the need to learn the more dominant and global languages.

In the box


Tiny tech, high spec.

CLIK S is unlike any other wireless earbuds you may have tried. Designed to fuel collaboration and communication, the pioneering real time translation gives you awesome language capabilities on demand

Unlike any other earbuds, CLIK S is packed with excitig features that add value to your daily lifestyle

Single Charge 10 hours*
Charging case 30 Hours *
HD voice call
Answer & end phone call on the go without reaching out for your phone
Wireless charging.
QI enabled wireless charging case
Voice Translation
Translate in real time in 29 + languages. No sharing of earbuds
High fidelity audio
Whether you’re receiving a call or listening to music, you’ll never miss a beat.
Fast, free, delivery
Convenient international delivery and pickup methods making it easier to shop
Online Personal Session
we’ll help you get the most out of your new device.
Life time support
24/7 product support where and when needed