Mymanu CLIK translation earphones and free translation software
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Release date of translation software – New innovative ear tips – Referral discount

Release date of translation software – New innovative ear tips – Referral discount

Hi Manu’s

Hope you are celebrating Summer or Winter holidays wherever you are.

“Jet setting” with Mymanu

We have just landed back from China after a 56-hours delayed flight in economy class and 2 overnight stays in very cheap hostels (courtesy of the airlines). Very tiring  🙂

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Productive trip

The further testing required have paid off and our manufacturing and developing teams have made great progress. For instance, we have developed our own proprietary ear tips giving users the highest flexibility and comfortability for any types of ears.

Do you know that everyone’s ear canal shape and size change with movement and temperature?

Our unique viscoelastic memory foam technology moulds to the shape of the ear canal at body temperature for a dynamic custom fit. It seals in low frequency energy which prevent it from any bass leakage, for a more pristine sound. The material is also engineered to provide optimal friction coefficient, so the tips stay put with a built-in filter to protect earphones from wax and debris or even sweat.

We have also started the fine tuning, further acoustics tests of Mymanu Clik and sorting out the certification for our backers in America, Europe and Asia. A lot of admin and play with spreadsheets. Who does not like this? Ha!


What would the World’s first smart, wireless earphones with live translation be without the best translation App?

Well, we have made tremendous progress with our own translation engine. The UX/UI for the IOS version of the app is now complete as well as the Android. Both apps are ready to begin software Quality Assurance (QA) testing by our selected backers.

Planed BETA release date is the first week of August 2017 and you will be able to compare it to other Apps out there. We cannot wait!

Gift for you

In order to keep celebrating and sharing experience, Mymanu is still offering its backers the chance to win $20 and give their friends $20 when purchasing Mymanu Clik. Keep sharing our code with your friends whether it is their birthday, they have passed their exam or simply because you love them. They deserve it.


Stay tuned

Don’t miss our next update if you want to be part of a World’s first. Mymanu has a big surprise for you.

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Keep celebrating 🙂

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