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Please be advised we are currently experiencing shipping delays, mainly with Fast and Express shipments outside the UK due to COVID-19 and Brexit regulations. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.

Mymanu Play Launch-Development-shipping update

Last week at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Mymanu released its long-awaited own player, Mymanu Play. This unique player lets you access ALL your playlists and streams from one platform whilst discovering what people around you listen to and create new sounds! Download it on…

You can use Mymanu Play with any Bluetooth speakers or wired or wireless earphones.

Development update

After weeks of testing different antenna designs to ensure the highest Bluetooth quality signal, we have finalised our own antenna design. Its optimum location will also ensure the highest connectivity with your phone hence guaranteeing the highest performance of Mymanu Clik.

Testing has also showed other areas that need to be improved to ensure the highest comfort and functionality of Clik users. These tests are critical to avoid any hardware problems. Our internal designers will be working very closely with our manufacturers over the next month on these. Shipping will unfortunately be postponed till late summer 2017 to ensure you are satisfied when you receive your Mymanu Clik.

More time to update your preference

Postponing shipping till summer gives you a couple of months to update your preference in colours, shipping address and buy a pair for a loved-one.

At Mymanu we aim to deliver innovative and high quality sound products so you can have a great experience.  We appreciate all your support in this bumpy journey and would like to thank you for your on-going support.

Many thanks,

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