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VIP members’ feedback making Mymanu Clik better and smarter

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Hello Manu’s,

Another month has passed and we are already approaching the end of the year festive period! We hope everyone is ready for a well-deserved break.

Our first VIP members have received their Mymanu CLIK + and now in selfie competition. Thank you very much for all your feedback. It is invaluable to us!

One recurring comment was about the “stand-by mode” of the charging case. The button underneath the case currently lets you check the level of charge of the Case battery when pressed. Many of you felt that it was important to be able to turn the case ON / OFF so it would hold power for longer without having to recharge.

We have listened and have instructed our manufacturer to start designing and producing the new tailor-made button. Some samples have been tested and work perfect.



The next batch to VIP kick starter backers on which should be produced just before Christmas will incorporate the new button. And we expect to ship 100 Mymanu CLIK + before the end of December.

All new components should then be manufactured by end of January before Chinese New Year. Few days for packing and quality control check, Mymanu CLIK + will then be shipped to all remaining  backers. All rewards should be shipped by 30th March 2018.

We know this will be an inconvenience for some of you who wanted to use it for your next holidays but we believe correcting all these little known issues will be worthwhile. Thanks for your patience.

We do apologies for the delays in shipping and we are working around the clock to get it all complete as soon as possible. We had to produce our own components to make Mymanu CLIK + possible which takes a lot more time than off-the-shelves products.

We will be posting another update next Monday, the 18th December 2017, both here on kickstarter and on our blog at

Mymanu CLIK + SOFTWARE UPDATE 1.2. Voice Assistant

We are pleased to announce that you can access Siri and Alexa through Mymanu CLIK! No need to take your phone out anymore.



Help us answer your question on time, if you have any question feel free to check our support section here and if you done get the answer you want click here to contact us.

On this note keep celebrating and see you next week.

Mymanu CLIK

A Revolution for your ears.